Why Metal Roof:
The insulation does not support fungal growth and is immune from attack by insect, birds and vemin. It does not give off toxic, gases and resistance to wide range of chemical, solvent and oil.
Why Yarker Industries:
With our expertise from Taiwan for over 30 years operation. We provided high quality products services for all type of roofing, walling, fascia, awning,OPP, PU (polyurethanes) finish applications.
• Excellent heat and superior sound insulation (Low air leakage through envelop reduce heating cost by 20%)
• Ridge and lightweight construction, easy to install
• Cost saving in Electrical, Structure, Labour and Maintenance Free.
• Suitable for use on all building types and provide flexibility for change of future use.
• Single component cuts installation time significantly with Safer working Conditions, provides Safe Working Platform.
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