Properly installing a roofing system involves a lot more than just putting together the shingles. Whether the climate is warm or cold, proper roof ventilation plays a key role in making your roofing system last longer and also prevent many expensive issues that can occur in the future, both inside and outside of a building.

Building contractors should explain to the homeowners why proper roof ventilation is so important for their homes and explain the benefits that it offers. A proper roof ventilation system serves two key functions:

  1. It allows cool and fresh air to enter your attic at the eave or in the soffit areas of the roof.
  2. It completely exhausts hot and moist air from your attic by way of the ridge or exhaust vents. This hot and moist air can cause a whole lot of issues if it is not dealt in a timely manner.

During the cold climates, the ventilation helps in maintaining a cold roof system by mixing the cool air from the outside with the attic air and allow for less snow melting on the roof, which also avoids damaging ice damming. During the warm climates, proper attic ventilation can help in expelling hot air, which can contribute to moisture problems.

Having a proper roof ventilation system offers numerous benefits. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. It helps in reducing damaging moisture in the home. Excessive moisture can build up in your attic, and potentially damage the structure and degrade the roofing system. It can also lead to growth of black mold.
  2. It can help you save up on energy. Heat buildup in the attic comes at a high cost, since the air conditioning in your home has to work twice as much to cool down the house, especially your living space that is just below the attic.
  3. It helps in preventing damage to the roof shingles. High amount of heat in the attic can bake the shingles and cause them to age prematurely. In fact, most shingle manufacturers often strongly recommend having a proper attic ventilation when asphalt shingle are installed.
  4. If you home is improperly ventilated, it can result in mold buildup, wasted energy, premature roof system degradation, ice dams, rotting decks, ceiling stains and peeling paint.

The best way to keep your roof system working well and ways to avoid the issues mentioned above is to install a proper roof ventilation system. A proper roof ventilation system creates a balanced system using ridge vents or exhaust vent in conjunction with intake vents that are installed at the eave, fascia or soffit, area of the roof. Without proper intake ventilation, most ridge or other exhaust vents are rendered virtually useless.

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