Exhaust fan is a tool that works to speed up the circulation of air in the home. The way it works is by sucking in the air inside the room and then letting the air out.

When removing air outside, the device also draws fresh air from the outside. This tool can be used in any room, housing, retail or hospital. Available in many types and sizes. So if you want to install this tool make sure you choose it to be useful.

The use of exhaust fans becomes an urgent need for space with inadequate air circulation systems. This tool is important for optimizing air exchange within space.

Some people even choose to use an exhaust fan to drive the hot air indoors. It’s not without reason. The use of this air circulation launcher also has a number of distinctive positive effects

  • Work as a whole

In the past, the fan had become the only solution to dissipate heat, however, the fan could only work around the air around it. This means that the fan cannot totally dissipate hot air in the room. Unlike the case with the exhaust fan that is able to work in a total and optimal manner.

  • Efficient Power

The power used to install the exhaust fan is the same as the power needed to install the fan, which is 40 watts. However, power consumption is more efficient, the air inside the room is cleaner and cooler.

  • More Environmentally Friendly

Exhaust fans are more environmentally friendly than air conditioners. Engine coolant or air conditioner tends to cause global warming problems. Thus, of course choosing this tool to be an alternative solution to expel hot air that is more environmentally friendly.

Although the use of exhaust fans has a positive impact on several things, this tool still has some shortcomings and gives a negative impact indirectly. What are the negative effects of using this tool?

  • Need More Effort

In an effort to install the exhaust fan, it takes more effort. You must break the wall or wall first to be able to install this tool permanently. In terms of installation prices, of course, it is quite costly.

  • Affect Endurance

Exhaust fan working system is more or less the same as AC, which makes the air inside the room cooler. A significant difference in air between the air inside the room and the air outside the room can disrupt the immune system. This will feel much more if you are not feeling well.

That was a brief explanation of the urgency, and the impact of both positive and negative use of the exhaust fan. After knowing the information, hopefully you can be wiser in making choices. All choices do have consequences. However, choosing the choice with the least consequences is an obligation. May be useful.