Yes your home does need roof ventilation. Every home, cottage, industry, and business in Malaysia should have a sufficient, and properly installed roof ventilation system. But what is the reason and how can you determine whether your roofing system is under ventilated or not? It is important to know the signs that will help to ensure that you can get an efficient roof ventilation system that your home needs.

Why do you need proper ventilation for your roofing system?

If you are new to this, it is important for you to keep your attic space sufficiently insulated because that will help in reducing your energy bills. If the attic space in your home in Malaysia does not currently have a proper amount of ventilation, the hot air in the house will become trapped in the attic which will lead to moisture buildup, as well as, growth of dangerous black mold.

Having an improper or insufficient roof ventilation in the house can also lead to ice damming during winters. Ice damming happens when the temperature in your attic space becomes significantly warm then the outside air, which causes the snow to melt and also refreeze along the trough, and on the roof as well. Lack of proper ventilation is a serious issue during winter time and can also cause tremendous amount of damage to the roofing system inside and out.

How to determine whether your house needs a proper roof ventilation system?

Check if, during the colder months, your attic space and rafters are damp, or covered with frost, if they are, this means that you have roof ventilation issues. The problem of black mold growth in the attic space will also exacerbated by a lack of proper ventilation.

Black mold growth flourishes in warmer temperatures, check this during the summertime. If your attic insulation appears to be flat or clumpy, this is also a sign that your ventilation system has moisture issues and needs replacement or cleanup. If your home is suffering from constant, thick ice buildup or icicles along the edge and trough of the roof, you should contact a qualified roofing company in Malaysia as soon as possible.

Having an insufficient attic ventilation can cause damage to your shingles and trough system during the winter by heavy ice damming. This is the outcome that you will experience if you do not fix the attic ventilation issues in a timely manner. Not only will the ice build up destroy your trough, but it will also find its way under your roofing material, which will damage the shingles themselves and cause them to curl.

Improper and insufficient roof ventilation can lead to ice damming during the winter time, this is the reason why roof ventilation is essential. Yarker Industries provides durable and affordable roof ventilation systems.

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