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Polycarbonate / Skylight

High impact Acrylic or polucarbonate
Thickness : 1.0mm to 2.0mm
Profile: Solid sheet , hollow sheet

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Product Description

The Polycarbonate Skylight is a great way to shed some natural light into the factory, home, garage, garden shed and farm building. It offers a way to achieve the best combination of heat and light transmission. Yarker manufactures polycarbonate skylights using UV stabilised resins to allow optimal radiation filtering and durability. We offer high quality performance polycarbonate skylights which are developed for UV (Ultraviolet) protection. Our polycarbonate skylights can be customised according to your length specifications.

  • Outstanding thermal insulation
  • Excellent impact strength and break resistance
  • Good light permeability


Twin Sheet and Solid Sheet
Product: Yarker Polycarbonate Twin Sheet
Size: Standard Width: 1212mm x Length x Thickness 6.0mm +/-

Product: Yarker Polycarbonate Solid Sheet (Embossed)
Material: Grade 1 – 100% Virgin Grade from bayer MaterialSeicence
Size: Standard Width: 1212mm x Length x Thickness 3.0mm +/-

  • The bent radius should be according to the length of the sheet.
  • The degree of the bent radius should be at least 1 meter.
  • The sheet should be sloping at least 5 degrees to allow water to run off.
  • The accessory of installation should suit the polycarbonate sheet.
  • Do not drill the screw hole too tight because it might damage the sheet.
  • The edge of both sides should be covered with plastic tape to protect them against dusty things.
  • Clean the dust on the surface with neutral cleanser and soft cloth or sponge. Then rinse the soft cloth with clean water and dry it.

Base Material Polycarbonate or High Impact Acrylic
Thickness 1.0mm to 2.0mm
Length Custom length
Tolerance +_0.02mm

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