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YK Crimp Curve

Width : 760mm
Thickness : 0.30mm to 0.40mm TCT

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Product Description

The unique design of YK Crimp Curve enables the panel to be curved at both ends and in the middle all with one process. This unique flexibility allows a wide range of design contours and customised shapes making the Crimp Curve very suitable for canopies, fascia boards and other building structures with any material wastage.


YK PU Crimp Curve
YK PU CRIMP CURVE has 3 layers of material moulded into a single product.
Layer 1: Steel sheet
Layer 2: Polyurethane foam
Layer 3: PVC sheet
The extra layer of PU foam provides very good heat insulation thereby keeping the air underneath the roof very cool.

Optional: PU Double Deck + Crimp Curve

YK PU Deck
Coil High standard PPGI and PPGL coil
Base Material Comercial Quality (CQ)
Thickness 0.30mm TCT to 0.48mm TCT
Length Custom length
Tolerance +_0.02mm

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