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YK Power Ventilator – 20″

Size : 20″ only
Material : Stainless Steel 304
Function : Wind/Electrical 2-way

Product Description

  1. 4 large blades with high rotation speed increases rate and volume of air expelled.
  2. The highly efficient 16 small blades ensure air expulsion is not affected by external air, water condensation or dripping water.
  3. The blades are highly sensitive to externa breezes or indoor temperature differences causing them to easily rotate. This rotation in turn draws out heat and pollution, creating a comfortable internal environment and increasing employee productivity.
  4. Resistant to both acid and alkali making the roof exhaust very suitable to be installed in electroplating factories, paper mills, food manufacturing factories as well as factories located in coastal areas.
  5. Shock proof, and can withstand typhoons and other severe weather conditions with little damage.
  6. Non-welded base, therefore water resistant


Applications Roof
Building Type Residential, Commericial, Industrial, Institutional , Public

YK Exhaust Fan – 54″


Size 20″ voltage AMP RPM Air Output Noise (dB) Ave. Air Velocity
220/240 0.4A 220RPM 2360 M3/H 0 2.6 M3/H

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